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SuperX Flight Controller $100.00

XAircraft SuperX is a new generation of multicopter flight control system. You can download the 1.9 SuperX Manual - English Here. Now shipping SuperX with the V2 SBUS I/O unit.


Now on firmware version 1.08 as of 12/2/13

The SuperX's easy-to-use and well-designed user experience means that you can start flying after adjusting just a few simple settings. Simply put, the SuperX is the most advanced, most affordable, and most user friendly Flight Controller on the market. All SuperX Flight Controller packages include the GPS unit AND GPS Holder (unlike most other stores)

SuperX Features:

  • Supports 3 Flight Modes: Manual Mode, Attitude Mode, and GPS Attitude Mode.
  • Height Hold
  • Several options for Safe Mode, e.g.: return to home and auto-landing.
  • Built-in compensation signal outputs for bi-axial gimbal (Roll and Tilt Axis)
  • Built-in green software for configuration, no need to install any driver and software.
  • Modules are available for expansion (See the XAircraft OSD, and coming soon the brushless gimbal and ground station)

SuperX Flight Controller

SuperX Flight Controller is the core controller of SuperX, has a Built-in AHRS to calculate copter attitude, and runs all flight control tasks.

- Three high precision Industrial grade gyros.
- Three-axis accelerometer sensor.
- High precision barometer.
- Built-in Thermostatic system to ensure that sensors are working stably.
- Built-in Micro USB port for tuning settings and upgrading firmware.


There are 3 versions of the SuperX flight controller and all of them use the same hardware. Upgrades are available for download and purchase here in the store (This allows you to start with Basic and then upgrade at a later date). Below is a breakdown of each package. The basic difference is the type of quad that can be flown.


   Basic Standard Professional
Copter Types Quad (X & + Style) + Hexa (X and Y6 Style)  + Octo (X & X8 Style)

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